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Founded in 2016 by Becca Conviser, Opernfest Prague is a uniquely individualized program, offering training, performance with full orchestra, and professional development opportunities to international soloists.

The Opernfest Team team identified a vital need in the current opera training market, and build Opernfest Prague to meet that need. Previously, young artists had two options when selecting a training program, 1) Programs which offer performance opportunities without vocal training, or 2) Training programs without performance opportunities. This limited training structure left many artists ill equipped to advance on international stages. 

With this in mind, OFP created a new model to address the multifaceted needs of international soloists. OFP's central focus is individualized training, and our ability to offer introductions to houses that have available professional contract opportunities. All Voice Fellows work 1:1 with a répétiteur, stage director, conductor and language consultant on their solo repertoire, and conclude the fest with a solo performance accompanied by full orchestra.

This unique, and customized training experience allows Voice Fellows to bring superior artistry, and stylistically nuanced performances to the stage, thereby bridging the transition from 'Professional Opera Student', to ‘Professional Opera Singer’.

To learn more about Opernfest Prague, and the alumni working thoughout the Czech Republic, visit the link below, or follow @OpernfestPrague with the #ArtToArtisty.